Fleas in pets

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Now that summer is fast approaching and the days are getting warmer, fleas are emerging from their hidey-holes to wreak havoc on our pets. It takes only 50 seconds for a flea to bite after it has landed on your pet, resulting in an itch that is annoying for everybody involved.

Fleas can lie dormant within our homes for over 4 months. They emerge from their cucoon in response to vibrations, our pet’s breath and/or heat. This means that fleas can still be present in our home and on our pets, even if we are administering flea control products.

Therefore, to control flea infestations adequately, it is vital that we treat both the pet AND the environment. This includes vacuuming carpeted areas regularly. Vacuuming removes up to 80% of flea eggs and up to 95% of adult fleas, so it is a vital component of indoor environmental control. If your flea infestation is severe, steam cleaning provides more effective control.

To remove fleas from your pet’s bedding, wash blankets in water greater than 600C for a minimum of 10 minutes, or place them in direct sunlight every few days. It is also highly recommended to block your pet’s access to underneath the house and verandah, as this is one of the more common areas where fleas will reside over winter.

However, with continued use of regular flea control (i.e. flea control administration at least once monthly), your pet will act as a “flea vacuum cleaner”. With every flea that jumps onto your pet, it will take anything from minutes to a couple of hours (dependent on the product used) for the flea product to exert its effect. In time, this will reduce the flea population in your home greatly. It is also of vital importance that all pets within the household are treated, as cat fleas can infest dogs and vice versa.

There are many flea products available on the market, and the suitability of each product depends on your situation. Many clients are aware of the “spot on” products, which work well in pets that are not washed more than once a week, and do not spend a lot of time swimming as water strips the product from the pet’s coat and deems the treatment ineffective. For these patients, oral flea control is more appropriate.

FVC is currently running a promotional offer for a new oral flea product called NexGard. It is a very safe drug that kills fleas within 8 hours of administration, and is readily consumed by dogs when offered as a treat – no more struggling with oily spot-ons!! It also doubles as a method to prevent tick paralysis, as it eliminates any paralysis ticks within 48 hours (however it is still important to check your dog daily for ticks if you are entering a high risk area). For the month of December, FVC will be offering a FREE single pack for every 6-pack of NexGard that is purchased. Pop into the clinic and buy yours today!

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