Mastitis and milk quality

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Southern Riverina Vets has several veterinarians who are Countdown Downunder trained as mastitis advisors. 

We can give advice ranging from simple problem solving and recommendations on treatments to complete mastitis investigations.  

Mastitis services we offer include:

  • Culture of clinical cases and follow up recommendations.
  • Bulk vat analysis and follow up recommendations.
  • Data analysis - herd test data and clinical cases can tell us much about any problems being experienced.
  • Complete mastitis investigations - starts with the above then we visit during a milking to assess what issues are a contributing to the problem.
  • Recommendations and supply of mastitis lactating and dry cow products.

If you are having problems with a higher than expected rate of mastitis, high bulk milk cell counts or other milk quality related issues, please contact the clinic to speak with one of our mastitis advisors.










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