Diagnostic Services

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Echuca Veterinary Clinic
332 High Street
Victoria 3564

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03 5482 3202

Deniliquin Veterinary Clinic
389 Poictiers Street
NSW 2710

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03 5881 5488

Moama Veterinary Clinic
61 Meninya Street
Vic 2731

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03 5480 6071

Finley Veterinary Clinic
57 Warmatta St
NSW 2713

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03 5883 3833

Diagnostic Imaging


All four of our clinics have access to an array of diagnostic imaging equipment, to ensure we can provide the highest standard in diagnostic care for your pet.

 High quality digital x-ray machines are used regularly, to provide valuable information on conditions affecting the bones, joints, and internal organs of our patients. By using digital imaging, we are able to quickly view high quality images, as well as easily distribute them electronically to any specialist or referral clinic.

Our clinics also have access to ultrasound machines, which can be used to further investigate conditions involving the internal organs. These specialist machines are commonly used in pregnancy diagnosis and monitoring, and in investigating diseases of the urinary tract (such as bladder stones, tumours, prostate disease, and kidney disease). These machines are very versatile, so can be used to diagnose and monitor an array of conditions, including heart and lung disease, liver disease, and neoplasia.

 We also have an endoscope that allows us to insert a small camera through the mouth and into the stomach, to remove some objects that may be stuck in the stomach or the throat. Often, this means surgery can be avoided. The endoscope is quite versatile, and can also be used to examine ears, the nose, or throat.



Diagnostic Testing Equipment

Our clinics possess a range of diagnostic equipment, which is used to conduct a variety of tests within the clinic, so we can provide you with a rapid and accurate diagnosis.

 All our clinics are able to conduct bloods tests used in the diagnosis of anaemia, blood disorders, inflammatory conditions, and blood clotting disorders. We also have the ability to run more advanced biochemistry tests in-house; as well as tests used to diagnose diseases such as pancreatitis, feline immunodeficiency virus, canine parvovirus and heartworm disease.

 Our vets are also experienced in using cytology examination to diagnose many diseases. This involves taking a small sample of tissue, and examining the cells under a microscope at high magnification. This method of testing is used to assess many types of skin disease, as well as in investigating tumours, infections, urinary disease, ear infections, and parasitic infections.

 Blood pressure machines are widely used and are essential when diagnosing and monitoring conditions such as kidney disease and also greatly improve the safety of general anaesthetics. ECG machines are available to monitor the electrical activity and rhythm of the heart, which can be invaluable when assessing heart disease.

Although our clinics are very well equipped to perform many tests in the clinic, we are also able to send samples to a dedicated Veterinary Pathology laboratory. In most cases, results are received the next morning, enabling us to make rapid decisions regarding the diagnosis and treatment of your pets.









Digital X ray is in use in all our clinics


Ultrasounds performed when necessary

Dr Simon Willis assessing a digital radiograph

Biochemistry analyzers are used in all clinics - and in the field