Puppy Preschool

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Puppy Preschool

Acquiring a new puppy is very exciting, but can also be a little challenging as your puppy needs your time, care and lots of attention.  Puppy Pre-School is a must for any owner wanting a well-behaved, sociable dog. These classes are designed for puppies between the ages of 7 and 16 weeks, as it is much easier to teach your puppy correctly from the start rather than having to correct bad behaviour later. 

When you first bring your puppy home he/she is going through a very important and critical learning period in their lives. Habits & behaviours that you allow now will be with your puppy for the rest of its life. If you can start your puppy off on the right track now you will have less problems later. 

Puppy Pre-School provides a safe environment for your puppy to socialise and classes are kept small so time can be spent with each puppy and their owners. We encourage you to bring children to the classes to be part of the active learning process. All classes are held at the clinic and are held in the evenings.

Your puppy will receive a ‘graduation certificate’ at the final class.      

Click here to see the most recent graduates.

Requirements for Puppy Preschool: Puppies must be between 7 & 14 weeks of age and have had their first vaccination. 

  • Bookings are essential. Please call and talk to our passionate staff. We can see the difference with the pets that have been part of a class. They return to the clinic well adjusted and happy hounds.

Our nurses are trained to conduct Puppy Preschool classes and can offer advice to you when you are trying to decide what pet or breed to select.