Emergency and Critical Care

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Echuca Veterinary Clinic
332 High Street
Victoria 3564

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03 5482 3202

Deniliquin Veterinary Clinic
389 Poictiers Street
NSW 2710

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03 5881 5488

Moama Veterinary Clinic
61 Meninya Street
Vic 2731

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03 5480 6071

Finley Veterinary Clinic
57 Warmatta St
NSW 2713

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03 5883 3833

Each of our clinics provides a 24 hour emergency service, for both large animals and companion animals. If your pet is faced with an emergency situation out of normal hours, you can call the normal clinic phone number, and be re-directed to the vet on call. The vet can then meet you at the clinic or come to your property to assess and treat your pet or stock. If you aren't sure whether your pet needs emergency treatment, the vet will be able to discuss the situation with you on the phone, to ascertain how serious the case is. The vet on call is also able to call in a nurse to assist in certain situations.


Our clinics also house purpose built hospital facilities, in order to provide ongoing care for critical patients. When required, the vet on call will check hospitalised patients overnight and on public holidays. Commonly, sick animals need to be placed on a drip, to receive IV fluids - each clinic has several specialised machines to provide this essential treatment. We also stock an array of medications and antidotes, to provide rapid treatment in emergency situations.


Our experienced vets are able to diagnose and treat a variety of emergency conditions, so you can rest assured that your pets are in good hands. Some common conditions we see include snake bites, dog fight wounds, injuries from being hit by vehicles, ingestion of poisons such as rat bait and snail bait, organophosphate chemicals, bloat/GDV; and other medical or surgical emergencies such as caesareans, gastrointestinal obstructions, pancreatitis, blood loss, anaemia, and respiratory disease.