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In some circumstances you and your vet may reach a time when the decision has come to euthanase your pet or ‘put it to sleep’. This may be the decision that is made if your pet has a terminal illness from which they cannot recover or if they have intractable pain. It can be a very hard decision to make but it is one of the kindest things that an owner can do when you pet is not enjoying life as much as they should.

What happens when a pet is euthanased?

The vet, with the assistance of a veterinary nurse, will give your pet an intravenous injection of a lethal dose of barbiturates (a strong anaesthetic) usually into a front leg. The pet loses consciousness within a few seconds and occasionally will stretch out and may take a few deep breaths. This is a very controlled and painless method of euthanasia. Sometimes it is necessary to give a sedative to calm a really nervous animal prior to euthanasia.

Is it usual for the owner to stay with their pet when it is euthanased? The decision whether or not to stay with the pet is a very personal decision. This should preferably be made in advance and if you are unsure we are on hand to help you with advice.

Aftercare of your pet? 

There are three possible choices:-

• burial by you at your home or property

• leaving your animal with us at the clinic to bury on your behalf

• individual cremation with return your pet's ashes – We utilise the most respected Eden Hills Pet Cremation service who will personally collect and return your pet to the clinic. For additional information regarding this service please click the link for Eden Hills

Grieving for your pet

It is very natural to feel upset and emotional when your pet dies and it will take time to get over your loss. It often helps to talk about your pet's death. It is quite normal to feel angry, this is part of the process of coming to terms with your loss. The mutual friendship you and your family shared with your pet is to be treasured. Remember the good times and what you loved most about your pet.