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Google Maps location for Echuca Veterinary Clinic

Echuca Veterinary Clinic
332 High Street
Victoria 3564

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03 5482 3202

Deniliquin Veterinary Clinic
389 Poictiers Street
NSW 2710

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03 5881 5488

Moama Veterinary Clinic
61 Meninya Street
Vic 2731

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03 5480 6071

Finley Veterinary Clinic
57 Warmatta St
NSW 2713

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03 5883 3833

A microchip is form of permanent identification. It is an implant the size of a grain of rice and is injected under the skin. A microchip can be inserted under the skin of any species. No personal information is stored on the microchip, only the unique identification number. An implanted microchip does not cause any ongoing pain or discomfort to your cat or dog. The microchip does not require a battery or any maintenance and is designed to last the life of your pet.

We only offer national registration with Central Animal Records. It is a legal requirement in NSW and Victoria that all dogs and cats are microchipped either before they are sold or given away from pet shops, commercial breeders and pounds or shelters. All cats and dogs aged three months and over must be registered with the local council. As part of registering your pet with the local council a microchip is required.

 Horses registered with the Australian Stud Book and those vaccinated against Hendra virus require a microchip.

 Local Government Links relevant to microchipping

NSW: Link to the Department of Local Government and registration requirements.


 VIC: Link to the Department of Environment and Primary Industries and state registration requirements



Pet Care News on 2 millionth microchip done at Deniliquin.